Invite for Special Award for Smile Boxes

From Andie’s Facebook page


“On a more POSITIVE note:) I got an email this morning from the news reporter who interviewed me in August on my smile boxes, and I’m going to be granted an award at this banquet on January 23rd, oh my gosh I’m so excited! We should be hearing from someone from their station named Kelly soon with more details, ahh so excited!!:D and my attackers/bullies think my smile boxes are fake lolol funny, goes to show um the news people aren’t going to listen to these people threatening to contact them, cause the news people know me:) wanted to show you guys the email I got this morning and the link about the Royal Rosarians newsmakers of the year banquet. Am so happy right now:)”

Andie's email invite for award


“Got the call from news person:) the lady who called told us the details of the event on January 23rd, usually its held in March, but they bumped it up to January this year, she isn’t going to be there, but the person who Ill be in contact with is someone from the news station named Jeff! But basically we check in at the hotel for this at 6pm, that time is like for drinks, lol unfortunately I’m not 21 yet:( bummer, then from 7-8 is a dinner, and from 8-9:15 about is the ceremony, which I will be up on stage, my story will be shared and Ill be given a medallion I believe its called, and an plaque or certificate of some sort.:) this event takes place every year, each news station chooses someone who they feel deserves the award for doing something great in your community, peoples who stories are inspirational, actions are heroic and attitudes humble.:) I still can’t believe I was chosen, this is so exciting! I’m proud of what I do with my smile boxes, and will continue making them and giving to the hospital and Ronald Mcdonald house for a long time, its my mission to bring smiles to those children who are in need! This is going to be such an exciting event, will be sure to post pictures and things after it. Thank you guys for supporting me with what I do, and to those who have helped in some way by sending items for my boxes etc it truly means a lot to me, and has helped me to be able to continue making my boxes. ♥”