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Update at 1924: Andie put up a GoFundMe as “Justice for Noodle“. So you now have 3 options to donate to help bring support.

Update at 1522: If you are a member of the Ashcreek Neighborhood in Beaverton, and are registered in their online neighborhood watch (blog), then you can get further details there on what to look out for. It appears there’s been reference made about 2 Huskies in that area.

As a lot of you may know, Andie is one that is more likely to ‘give’, than to ‘receive’.

A few months ago, she went through a surgery that could of killed her, but thank the Lord through everyone’s prayers, Andie is still here and fighting through. As she was recovering, it was found that her companion, Ms Noodle, was not doing well, and a tumor was discovered; she went through her surgery and came through it as well.

Well…. it seems the family can’t catch a break right now. On top of a broken pipe in the crawl space, which won’t be repaired until Tuesday, July 5, as no one is willing to work on getting it corrected before then, Ms Noodle was on a walk the other day with Andie’s dad, and got caught up in fight with 1 of 2 Huskies that are owned by a woman, whom took off after her Dad had to force Noodle free, causing the skin to break and major bleeding. Thank the Lord, they are both still around, but the emergency vet bill is at least $600, on top of what it’s going to cost to repair the pipes.

This occurrence with Ms Noodle was on the Fanno Creek Trail in Beaverton, so it’s not known if she’s just a homeless woman with 2 Husky dogs, or if she’s a resident in the area.

If you have the desire to help offset their costs, please head on over to the Donate page to do so via PayPal. But if you’d prefer to send it the old fashioned way, in the mail, then please see the contact page for the mailing address.

Thank you and God bless you for your efforts.

Brian GizmoDuck Hartwig, friend and web master
Saturday, July 2. 2016 1338